These are conversations with Jesus.  I remember them only because I wrote them down.  And I'm sharing them only because God prompted me to.  Much of what He shares with me could be what He is revealing to your heart as well.  Or maybe you just needed to be reminded that God still speaks, still cares, still wants to be known by you deeply and intimately.

Of course, not all my prayers are conversations.  I'm not always still enough to hear God's voice.  And to be honest, I'm not always seeking to hear His voice (even writing that statement is urging me to seek Him more)!  Often my prayers are rushed supplications.  There seems to be no end to what I need God to do for me and my family.  The list is long and by the time I'm finished I'm just too tired to hear what He would have to say.  But I'm learning to ask Him questions.  And I'm learning that God loves to be asked questions!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are You Letting Me Love You?

note:  This was one of those conversations that I had on notepaper with God.  It helps me to hear Him more clearly when I'm writing down what He speaks to me.  Remember these are just private conversations with a girl learning to hear the voice of God.  Nothing more, nothing less.

God said:  Let me love you.

I said:  I thought I was, God.  How do you want me to let you love me?

God said:  Accept the fact that I love imperfect people.  You never have to earn my love or my blessings.  There are "no strings attached".

I said:  But I've let you down so many times.

God said:  I've never been disappointed with you.  I've known sorrow when you've made wrong decisions, but only because I knew the pain those wrong decisions would cause you.  I have great joy and have experienced immense pleasure in you.  Your desire for truth has been such a delight to me.  YOU are a delight to me.

I said:  I'm questioning whether I'm hearing you right, God.  I'm a delight?  I forget to read my Bible, some days I even forget to praise you.  I get short-tempered and rude and I often feel like I have so little faith.  Sometimes I feel far from you and so far from what I should be.  I have big dreams--but I don't feel like they're big enough.  I have a desire to do great things for you, but I lack vision and direction.  You must get exasperated with me.

God said:  I will always be patient with you.  You are my masterpiece.  Just as a painter pores over his painting, I am continually adding details, texture, colors--and I am excited about the work of art you already are!  I don't add details because I am unhappy with what I see--I add them because I am enamored with what I have created.  I love you, my masterpiece.

I said:  Please keep adding details, God!  I guess I am the impatient one!

God said:  And that is another thing I love about you--you allow me to express myself in you--you desire my will.  There is no limit to what I can do with you as long as you are submitted to me.  And nothing will be impossible for you!  Just let me love you--as you are right now.

I said:  But I am so unsatisfied with where I am, Father.  There is so much I want to do for you.  What are your dreams for me?  Will you use me, even with all my shortcomings?

God said:  Trust me, my child  I do have great dreams for you--bigger than you have imagined.  I will move heaven and earth for you--but you must trust me.  Even right now you are living in a dream I had of you--as a wife and a mother.  And I am so pleased with you, my daughter, for treating these roles with respect and for embracing this kingdom assignment from me.  Trust that my favor is upon you.  My grace is more than enough.  You will see my goodness.  You will inherit the land.